Isle of Man Government Grant Information:

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MatSat Scholarship

As a Manx company, ManSat offers a range of Community Social Responsibility programmes for Isle of Man students to study at home and abroad. These include High School and Postgraduate opportunities.

They also award Scholarships to study in Houston with the United Space School, to participate in the Conrad Challenge, entrepreneurial competition, and to attend Postgraduate courses at the International Space University. Yes, we know, it sounds amazing!

For more information, visit their website or contact them via [email protected]

For more information about the International Space University you can also visit You can find out about the Conrad Challenge at too.

Educational Trust Funds

There is a selection of funds administered by the Department of Education. Students under the age of 24 suffering hardship may apply in writing to:

Head of Corporate Services
Department of Education Sport and Culture
Thie Slieau Whallian
Foxdale Road
St John’s

The Howard Bequest (Science)

Administered through the Isle of Man Medical Research Committee.

This one-off Student Award is made as a single payment of £500 to Manx educated students attending undergraduate degree courses in Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy. It is awarded on confirmation of attendance at the University with copies of the confirmation and union or University library card.

Applications of enquiries should be sent to the Secretary of the Isle of Man Medical Research charity at [email protected]

Need to Know Fact!

Individual universities often offer their own bursaries and scholarships. As soon as you have your place confirmed, contact your chosen institution.